100% EVOO is a natural product that’s high in nutritional value. It’s made from the juice of the fruit of the olive tree, extracted at a temperature of less than 27 degrees celsius.

100% EVOO 250ml and 500ml sizes are available from most Countdown and New World supermarkets.

This smart packaging allows you to measure just as much delicious 100% EVOO as you would like. Ideal whether you’re at the barbecue, baking, or just mixing a salad. Enjoy your 100% EVOO in a fine mist, without the negative flavour impact or safety worry of using an aerosol.

If you consume your 100% EVOO in high quantities then this is for you. Available in selected Vetro stores, Gilmours, and Moore Wilson’s.

Additional Product Information

100% EVOO should be used within 2 years of the date of harvesting. When you open a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, enjoy it fresh and don’t keep it for longer than 3 months.

100% EVOO is low in FFAs, which means it has a higher smoking point and can be used for cooking at a high heat.

Your 100% EVOO keeps best if you store it in a cool, dark environment (but not the fridge).

100% EVOO is certified by Olives New Zealand and carries the OliveMark.

100% EVOO is MPI certified to National Programme Level 3.